CNC Metal Machining Sdn. Bhd.

Job Production


In this job production division, we are focusing on high precision parts with small quantity or batches parts. Totally we have 100 units of machines that break into a few catergories such as lathe, milling, grinding, wire cut, and die sinking edm machines.

Our Machine

21 unit of Cnc Milling Machines.

  1. Accuracy Machine : 0.01mm

44 unit of Grinding Machines.

Four Type of grinding machine ;

  1. -Cnc Surface Grinding Machine
  2. -Cylindrical Pin Grinding Machine
  3. -Cnc Optical Profile Grinding Machine
  4. -Grinding Machine Accuracy machine : 0.002mm

16 Unit of Die Sinking (EDM) Machines.       

  1. Accuracy machine : 0.003mm

5 Axis Milling Machine.

  1. Accuracy machine : 0.005mm

12 Unit of Cnc Wire Cut Machines.

  1. Accuracy Machine : 0.003mm

4 unit of Cnc Lathe Machines.

  1. Accuracy machine : 0.003mm
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